About Deeprotox

As the title suggests, the Deeprotox eating programme is based around a detox process but this is no ordinary detox. Detoxing means simply eliminating as best as possible chemicals and compounds in the body that are not really meant to be in there. Many modern sources of food have come through a preparation process which can reduce the quality and quantity of the nutrients that we can get from them. Food taste and textures can also be affected which is the reason why many foods have artificial flavours and additives added, to make them look and taste like they were originally. Then there's shelf-life, an important factor in the logistics of distributing and manufacturing foods - how long can products be on the shelf before they deteriorate or become harmful.

This programme is not faddish and does not involve food restriction. Instead it is more of an education in how great it can feel to eat good quality, freshly prepared foods and drinks which have no artificial colours, preservatives, or added ingredents such as sugar and salt. In fact, the restrictions placed on other detox diets actually hampers the process of eliminating unwanted compounds. You will be surprised how many foods contain hidden additives and you will develop new strategies for food choices, learn to understand food labelling and recapture your natural ability to detect different flavours.

As a sports person you probably spend hours each week on physical training and skills development, but the foods you eat can play almost as big a part and this is an area that is often overlooked. Your food choices have a huge impact on the following:

"" your ability to recover from physical effort
"" managing your energy levels during training
"" your emotional wellbeing and moods
"" your body's ability to cope with travel
"" water-retention levels in the body

Take up the Deeprotox 2-week challenge and you should note a marked improvement in your physical wellbeing and sports performance - all totally naturally - no supplements - no special products. You won't look back!


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